The X7 Bullet is one of the more exclusive super pocket bikes on the market. Why? This particular model is a combination of function and form. Together the two are blended smoothly to provide a more exciting and safe ride.

The X7 was designed and modeled after the larger GP Moto. The frame of the X7 features a mandrel-bent tubular racing chassis that is more durable and stiffer than most other models in the same class. You will even be given maximum control and traction thanks to the adjustable racing suspension that has been built onto it. The suspension also helps to reduce the unsprung weight on both ends of the super pocket bike.

There is no need for a battery charger thanks to the ZR motorcycle alternator that it uses. The power is automatically generated through heat and friction while the bike is in use. This allows for ultimate power at all times and provides the driver with the bright taillights, headlights, and of course signal lights. The X7 is also equipped with a horn, electric start, triple racing gauges, and a tuned 49cc gas powered engine.

The performance from the super pocket bike is one that cannon be rivaled by many. The high performance comes from the advanced intake management and high output exhaust system. Dual cross drilled disc brakes have been installed to ensure the rider can stop quickly and safely. The torque from the tires comes from the racing gear ratios and the amazing top speed from the higher RPM redline on the engine. It even has a removable adjustable speed governor for those who want to test their limits.

The X7 Bullet was designed to be the ultimate racing super pocket bike. Everything that it has been built with can be adjusted to conform to what the rider wants. This includes suspension, riding position, and handlebars. This helps to accommodate riders of every size and shape.