The X18-R Nitro is one of the more popular and fastest production super pocket bike that is on the market. The bike is powered by a remodeled Honda based 110 cc 4-stroke engine that allows it to reach the high RPM’s after only a few seconds.

You will be able to watch your speedometer as it revs from 0 to 70 miler per hour (its top speed) faster then any other model that you have been on. The race calibrated carburetor and max air velocity intake system make sure that the X18-R is a force that is not to be reckoned with no matter where you are. It’s sub-frame and frame are originally designed using the most recent CAD systems. Its profile is able to produce low drag to enhance the aerodynamics and stability. When you match that up with the race-prepped suspension system you have a very stable super pocket bike that can handle top speeds and tight corners.

Speed is not the only thing on its side. The rear and front hydraulic brakes and racing calipers allow the X18-R to stop in record time. The clutch is mated to a 4-speed sequential manual gearbox (the gear selection is displayed digitally on the dash) downshifts and upshifts – which occurs within a matter of seconds. The acceleration is strong no matter which gear it is in because of the revised torque curve that helps to give the bike maximum power at low RPM’s.

The X18-R has been equipped with every option imaginable. This includes a full line-up of gauges that can be viewed on the backlit dash and show the driver their speed, warning lights, current voltage level, and an LCD display of their current gear selection. Every button you will need (signal, brake and tail lights, and headlights) are available at your fingertips. All of the ACC items have been fuse protected, key activated, and charged through the ZR motorcycle alternator.

On top of the performance and power you are also guaranteed a comfortable ride on the non-slip leather seat. The seat and controls (suspension, brakes, handlebars, and levers) are fully adjustable to be a more comfortable fit for any driver.