When you look at a super pocket bike you will see a smaller version of what looks like a motorcycle racing bike. To the untrained eye it looks just like a children’s toy – but it is so much more then that!

The Japanese were the first to produce these miniature bikes – which they generally used for racing competitions. The phenomenon quickly spread to other countries and before we knew it the United States was riddled with them. Soon enough people were not only using these power bikes for racing – but also for pure pleasure on Saturday afternoons when we had nothing better to do.

Super pocket bikes are considered to be in the same family as dirt bikes and Go-karts. Because of this most of the 2-stroke pocket bike have been exempted by the environmental protection agency. However, the 4-stroke models have been approved and certified by the agency. Those who purchase them in states where it is illegal to drive them can usually race them on special tracks or away from public roads.

These bikes are equipped with 45-49cc 2 stroke engines and usually weigh around 90 pounds and come with 2.25 liter tanks. These tanks can last for up to 35 miles. They are often equipped with racing bikes – which use parts that are taken from motor bikes. Except that the parts are much smaller.

There are many different option available to those who are looking to buy a super pocket bike. There are many manufacturers and dealerships in larger towns, online sites, and if you feel brave you can find one off Ebay and pay around $300 – $1,000 or buy a used pocket bike online. You and your family and friends can start racing teams and can discover a new way to enjoy your weekends in the fresh air.