The Raptor mini pocket bike was produced and designed to be able to outrace and outperform all other pocket bikes on the racetrack. It was produced with a unique swing-arm frame and was TIG welded in order to ensure maximum stiffness and strength. It is lightweight thanks to its alloy construction.

The rear triangular sub frame was designed to not flex even when it is being put through some of the more grueling and extreme racing conditions. The front wheel has been equipped with a reinforced fork brace to make sure that the driver has the ultimate feedback and control at all times during the race. Many have called it the most advanced CAD (Computer Aided Design) racing frame that they have seen in the industry.

Both of the vented disc brakes equipped on the Raptor have been relocated to only one side of the bike to help balance it out during straight line passes. A reinforced front fender, dual chain guards, and a non-slip seat also help to make the bike more unique and easily used by drivers.

It has been equipped with a 47cc racing engine which has been modified to offer a maximum output. The torque has been increased without losing any of the top speed. The bottom-end increase helps to add to the bike’s balance and stiff racing frame and gives the rider an advantage when trying to throttle around the sharp corners.

The racing and riding positions on the Raptor pocket bike can be customized to fit almost any rider comfortably. It also has fully adjustable handle bars, foot placement, throttle sensitivity, and brake.