The GP RS-R has been referred to as the next-generation pocket bike. Many believe that manufacturers have greatly improved upon the craftsmanship and done more to add to it in order to enhance the racing experience.

Manufacturers have stayed true the usual weight and size of a typical mini pocket bike. The difference is that they have added a variety of features that can only be found on any of the larger mini bikes.

The design itself speaks of power. It has a very low and aggressive profile, a steeply rakes fork, and an extra long wheelbase that gives the rider excellent handling. But this is something that you can expect from many pocket bikes. What helps it to stand out is the suspension system that it has been equipped with. It uses a rear swing arm suspension that provides drivers with the right amount of dampening and road feel. On top of all that it is fully adjustable. Not many bikes are equipped with this suspension.

The GP RS-R was actually remodeled in everything. It offers a 5 spoke alloy wheels that are mounted with performance racing slicks and a space age racing frame. It is powered by a high output 47cc engine that offers this particular bike with ultimate low end torque while at the same time keeping a high redline for those tricky top speed passes. The dual fenders are able to keep the bike and driver out of harms way from road debris.

This pocket bike usually comes fully assembled (depending on who you purchase from). Like most bikes it can be customized to fit almost and type of driver. It is equipped with adjustable, handle bars and foot placement. Those of you who love the sport of racing pocket bikes NEED to get your hands on this one. With it you will dominate every race.