Those of you who are looking for a powerful super pocket bike should consider the X7 4-Stroke. The design of this bike was based on the X7 Bullet with one little change to it.

The X7 pocket bike is equipped with a 4-Stroke 110cc engine. This engine not only adds more power to the bike – but it also gives it a fuller and more strengthened racing frame that is now able to handle more horsepower and higher torque. Not only will you be able to show off the power of this super pocket bike to your friends – but you will also be able to feel it.

The high displacement of the engine mixed together with how light weight the bike is allows drivers to run alongside some of the more expensive super pocket bikes on the market. Its top speed is 55+ miles per hour. It is equipped with an automatic transmission that is prepared for serious riding and allows the driver to focus on taking sharper curves with its well balanced chassis.

It also comes equipped with a heavy duty drive train that guarantees drivers the maximum durability and power output. Dual hydraulic disc brakes are built into the rear and front to allow the driver to stop on command. The latest model year for the X7 4-Stroke is equipped with the high flow Python Race exhaust system that is only offered through select companies.

Other options that it comes equipped with are turning signals, dual head lights, tail and brake lights, a horn, electric start, full analog gauges, ZR motorcycle alternator, and adjustability for any type of driver.