The X19-CR (Club Racing Edition) was designed as a track bike for the road. This super pocket bike is perfect for those who are looking to take their bikes out on the untamed roads. It was built to be an excellent racing bike and to handle anything that comes its way.

The suspension on the bike has been recalibrated for ultimate stability and grip to help against the deepest low ground corners. When heavy braking and acceleration is used the damper settings, rebound rates, and stiffer springs, help to ensure the least amount of nose dives and squats. On this super pocket bike the lower height for riders not only makes it look great – but it also helps to lower the center of gravity and to increase aerodynamics. This gives the bike excellent handling.

The bike is powered by the Honda-based 110cc 4-Stroke powerplant that is used in the X18-R. It is also equipped with dual exhaust pipes that have been race tuned and fabricated to offer law and mid range power through the careful regulation of exhaust velocity and backpressure. The final drive of the X19-CR and the shorter gear ratios help to provide a better response down low.

The sequential manual gearbox has been modified so that it can now handle any extra torque. Power shifting (ability to shift without actually using the clutch) is something that drivers can use with this race ready, heavy duty gearbox. Drivers who are not as comfortable with trying to learn and maneuver the gears can always opt for the automatic version of the X19-CR.

This particular super pocket bike is certified and legal according to the EPA standards. Because of this it comes equipped with turn signals, brake lights, bright headlights, tail lights, a horn, ZR alternator, and digital gauges. These gauges show the speedometer (top speed of 70 mph), status lights, and a backlit digital readout to let the driver know what gear they are in.