Razor is one of the more popular pocket bike manufacturers with some of the more popular models on the market. This company offers a variety of mini pocket bikes as well as many tools that will help the driver to find everything they need to customize their own bike.

The electric razor pocket bike has a weight recommendation of 150 pounds for its maximum usage. One who weighs this much will only be able to go as fast as 15 miles per hour and might be able to stay on for only 45 minutes. The battery that powers it takes four to six hours to recharge completely. The reason this happens is because the battery is working extra hard to maintain the maximum weight and to keep it going. Which means that it is using extra power and will therefore be unable to run as long or as hard.

This type of model comes equipped with a chain driven variable speed motor and higher torque to ensure a quiet motor. This is something that most other pocket bikes do not feature. It is perfect for children as young as 12. The Razor Electric Pocket Bike is one of their most popular models.

Safety Equipment From Razor

Razor caters to children as well as adults and because of this they offer all of the necessary safety equipment that is recommended for pocket bike usage. The company offers a variety of helmets in sizes for young boys to older men. The helmets are offered in black, red, or blue. The girl’s helmets have designs on them that are sure to please them. Razor also offers elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards. This will protect every part of your skin that might come into contact with the pavement and take a beating if you fall off your bike.

Riding a pocket bike at night is not something we suggest – but some will still have the urge. Because of this Razor has handles that have lights built coming out of the sides. They also offer add-ons that will easily stick to the wheels and will blink a series of many colors. This will help other motorists to see you and know to avoid you.