Pocket bike racing is also known as Minimoto and Mini GP racing. It is basically a category of racing in which miniature racing motorcycles (that are referred to as pocket bikes) are raced around go kart tracks.

The usual pocket bike that is used to race is approximately one fourth the size of a regular sized motorcycle. It is powered by an internal two stroke combustion engine that is between 40 to 50 cubic centimeters that produces somewhere between 2.4 and 17 horsepower. The pocket bikes do not come equipped with any suspension – but instead are forced to rely on the tires that they are built with to help absorb any bumps and to handle sharp corners. Most weigh 40 pounds.

A majority of the entry level models produce around 2.4 to 4.2 horsepower. However, the more expensive models are built with a power output of 11 to 17 horsepower. This increase is horsepower provide the bike with a favorable amount of power to weight ratio that helps them to race better.

Don’t let their small size fool you. Both children and adults have the ability to race them at high speeds of up to 78 miles per hour in many organized racing leagues. In fact many people started off learning how to properly ride a full sized motorcycle by starting with a pocket bike.

They are much more affordable then full sized motorcycles. In fact you can spend as little as $200 or as high at $7,000 depending on the model that you purchase, how much power it has, and how tall it is.