What separates the R32 Interceptor super pocket bike is the 110cc 4-Stroke engine that has been race tuned. This particular engine is more responsive and has more power through the RPM in its range than many of the 2-Stroke engines. This allows for faster acceleration and some of the highest top speeds that you will find on pocket bikes of this size.

The exhaust note is also something to brag about. It idles with a deep rumbling noise that is joined in by the performance of the dual pipe. Both sound like a full scale GP Moto. It is no surprise that many drivers will push it to it 65 miles per hour level to see what it can handle and to not only hear the power – but also to feel it.

The handling is responsive and tight due to the R32 race-proven CAD tubular frame. Riders are given some of the quickest side-to-side transitions seen on a super pocket bike thanks to the increased lateral stiffness. Dual hydraulic brakes have been equipped on both the rear and the front – which helps drivers to brake easily before a sharp corner.

The race-tuned suspension can adjust to match up with any type of driver or track condition. It is equipped with a real left hand clutch and a 4-speed sequential manual gearbox. Some models are available with semi-automatic transmission options or the fully automatic version – which has been calibrated to have the same high performance found on the manual version.

As is to be expected the R32 Interceptor comes fully equipped with all of the important features. The bike uses an electric starter that just needs to be pushed to turn on. Of course in order to prevent it from being stolen it comes with a set on special keys. The battery is constantly being charged thanks to the ZR motorcycle alternator.

Drivers of any type can purchase this bike. The foot pegs and padded seats are collapsible and the handlebars and clutch lever are adjustable in angle and height. To top things off the R32 is equipped with a pre-installed high flow racing intake system, a tuned progressive race racing spring, and a dual pip race exhaust system. All of these features add better handling, shorter braking time, faster acceleration, and some of the highest top speeds.