Polini is one of the more respected manufacturers of pocket bikes and one that you can trust above all the others. Polini produces pocket bikes that can be used on normal roads, race tracks, are built with excellent quality, and have the speed to match. They have been around for some time now and have earned the respect of riders.

What Is Polini

Polini is a manufacturer pocket bike company that is based in Italy. There they produce tuning parts for racing and normal road use pocket bikes. Polini Batista started the company by creating bicycles in the late 1940’s. Now the company is run by Batista’s sons and the company has become a landmark in the pocket bike industry.

What Are Polini Pocket Bikes

When it comes to pocket bikes they usually all look similar no matter who makes them. The main components that separate them from each other is the quality of the bikes that are produced. Needless to say Polini creates pocket bikes that are reliable, effective, and consistent. In short they are one of the best company’s to purchase from. Their reputation is made known thanks to some of their valued customers that include Marco Melandri and Valentino Rossi – famous driving champions.

Polini designs their pocket bikes that reflect the energy they put in to them and are equipped with the things that we – as drivers – look for in a mini pocket bike. Some of their biggest models are the 910 Cerena S, 911 Reverse, and the GP3 Reverse. These are their specialty bikes and have been designed to fit the special needs of the drivers.

This is one of the things that they are most famous for. They are able to customize each bike specific to what the driver wants and needs. Even children who are younger then 15 have the ability to help create and purchase the bike they want. This is great for those who have a specific use in mind for them and require special features that do not come standard in some bikes.

There are features that come standard on their bikes. All of their bikes give each rider, comfort, speed, and above all else safety.