You can’t have a truly pimped out super pocket bike without first purchasing and equipping it with the best upgrades on the market. Many of us love to use our super pocket bikes specifically for racing.

Racing equals more power and more power means better upgrades. Below is a list of upgrades that are sure to improve your ride.

Aluminum Pull Starter

This part is a rugged and lightweight direct OEM replacement. This pull starter features more durable internals and a heat resistant outer casing. Not only does it provide you with higher function – but it also adds to your bikes devilish looks when strapped onto the side of your super pocket bike.

Cone Air Filter From Redline Motorsports

The part will increase the performance and horsepower on your bike. The performance filter kit will help to increase the performance of your pocket bike and will allow your engine to breathe much easier. The cone shaped design will offer a larger surface area that brings in more air. If you are looking for a performance filter then you should look no further then this. It is by far the best one on the market. It also includes all the mounting hardware and a high-speed velocity stack.

Exhaust System From Redline Motorsports

Redline Motorsports designed this chrome plated super high output exhaust system to allow for ultra high speed applications. Its wider and longer expansion chamber allows the exhaust system less back pressure – which allows your bike’s engine to flow more freely for an extra boost of top end speed. The double bent header means that no bottom-end is lost and the special packed in the silencer offers your pocket bike a better tuned exhaust note.

Sikk Toys Exhaust System

This ultra high performance exhaust system will give your bike more power through all of the RPM range. A boomerang expansion chamber and the computer designed mandrel-bends gives your pocket bike a higher top speed and more torque as well as a different exhaust note. It is made from hand welded, chrome-plated steel and comes with everything that you will need for the best bolt-on performance for your pocket bike.

NGK High Discharge Spark Plug

The NGK spark plug will allow your super pocket bike to run more efficient and also faster. The plug – when it is gapped at 0.020 – it will ignite all of the fuel and air mixture that is in the bike’s cylinder. This will give it better top speed and acceleration – while also making your bike easier to start up.

Clutch Springs From Redline Motorsports

It is time that you replaced your old stock clutch springs with Redline’s high tension racing springs. These clutch springs help your engine to rev to a higher RPM before engaging your drive train. This helps your super pocket bike to have a faster take off.

Racing Sprocket From Redline Motorsports

This high speed 55T chrome rear sprocket gives drivers a higher top speed. This is the best upgrade for your super pocket bike that will give you this ability. It was designed to be lightweight for maximum gains on the high-end and more balance.