Pocket bikes are fun for people of any age only if they are used in a safe manner. They might be small – but they can reach high speeds and when not used properly or in the proper conditions they can cause accidents that could hurt the driver and anyone in the way. It is important to learn and follow the safety rules that apply to anyone who is looking to own a pocket bike.

Protective Pocket Bike Gear

You need to wear the proper clothing and pads that include; shoes, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, and a helmet. All of the gear you are wearing needs to fit and be durable. Make sure that it does not affect your hearing or vision.

Pocket Bike Laws

Each state has created pocket bike laws that apply only to those who drive and operate pocket bikes. You need to contact your local authorities and learn what those laws are. Those laws were created to keep you and the people around you safe. Failure to follow those laws will get you into trouble and may cause damage to someone’s life.

Driving Age Restrictions

Children under the age of 12 should not be riding any type of pocket bike and children 13 – 16 should only be allowed to operate one under adult supervision. It is possible that the age restrictions vary in certain cities and states. It is important to ask your local authorities for the proper age restrictions.

Keep Pocket Bikes Of Streets And Sidewalks

Just because pocket bikes can move faster than your average bicycle does not mean that they can be used for transportation. Keep them off of the roads, streets, highways, and sidewalks. In other words keep them away from the larger motorized vehicles. It is illegal for pocket bikes to drive in these areas and it is not safe. People who ride pocket bikes are low to the ground and because of this other drivers may not see them and could hit them.

Respect Your Pocket Bike

This vehicle might be small – but they are able to reach high speeds and therefore must not be taken lightly. They are lightweight which allows them to go faster and you may find yourself losing control if you try to tap into the full potential of that power.

Never Ride Your Pocket Bike On Dirt Roads

Pocket bikes were not made to drive on dirt roads. They were made for the smooth, hard, and paved surfaces. Also do not try to drive them on roads that have sand, gravel, mud, ice, or grates.

Ride Your Pocket Bike In Good Weather Only

Never ride your pocket bike while it is icy, foggy, or rainy. This type of weather could impair your vision and affect the traction and braking of your bike. You will be at a higher risk for an accident.

Never Ride Your Pocket Bike At Night

Taking your bike out at night is never a good idea. At night your vision is impaired. Daylight is the only time to drive because you are able to see everything and less likely to run off the road or into something or someone.