One of the disadvantages of learning how to ride your new super pocket rocket is the fact that you will be constantly falling down and breaking stuff. Thus, you’ll be needing parts.

The good thing about this is that you are so low to the ground on your pocket bike (and hopefully wearing your protective gear) that you probably won’t hurt yourself too much. That doesn’t mean that your pocket bike isn’t getting damaged. In the midst of hitting the concrete dozens of times something on your pocket bike is bound to fall off or become damaged.

The body panels on your bike will suffer the most damage and are usually the first to go. All that falling down will cause scratches and dents that will make the bike look old and used long before its time. We recommend that you try your hardest not to crash the bike too much. When they are worn out you can purchase new body panels and even buy some stickers to make it look more sporty.

There is another part that you will find might need replacing quite a bit though not necessarily because of all those crashes. The battery that powers your pocket bike can be used and recharged for only a limited number of times before it will cease to work. The good thing is that they are quite affordable. You can usually purchase two 12 volt batteries for only $45.

The engine is the most expensive part of your pocket bike that you will have to replace. It’s kind of like the engine of a car. There is always a possibility something will cause it to break. Yet, inside we all deeply hope that it takes ten years to do so. The one good difference between the two is that an engine for your pocket rocket will usually cost $35 depending on the voltage. You have to shell out much more for your car. Before you purchase a new engine consult your owner’s manual you make sure that you are purchasing the right one.

Safety should be the number one concern for anyone who drives super pocket bikes. Because of this it is important to invest in safety equipment. Besides getting yourself all of the necessary safety gear also pick out some reflectors for your bike. We advise anyone not to ride at night. Those who choose to do so need to equip their bikes with proper reflectors so that people can see them.