When driving your pocket bike you need to make sure that you not only follow certain safety rules – but also the law. Imagine that you are driving your car down the road and you were caught not wearing your seat belt or speeding. You would get pulled over and be given a ticket. The same goes for those who do not learn the proper laws to abide that pertain to drivers of pocket bikes.

Each state has defined their own laws and regulations that rule over the operation of pocket bikes and the drivers who operate them. You may also find that each city in the state has their own specific laws that differ. Before you make your sale and purchase a pocket bike it is best to contact your local DMV, law enforcement agency, or insurance company to learn what those laws are.

You will also find it helpful if you checked the local laws for pocket bike helmet certification requirements. Some places may require that you purchase a helmet that matches to Snell, DOT, or ANSI certification standards. Keep in mind that CPSC certified helmets are not allowed for those driving pocket bikes.

California Tier 2 Emissions Law

California has recently instated a very strict emissions standard that prohibits close to 99% of pocket bikes from being used unless it is for a closed course competition. Any pocket bike that does not meet the restrictions is deemed illegal. If you live in California contact your local law enforcement agency to learn which models you can use.

It is your job to make sure that you follow the proper guidelines and laws before you purchase your pocket bike. Some companies that you purchase from may not allow refunds.