Many super pocket bikes come with performance packages that offer better handling, more power, and better looks. These packages are different for each model – but they all have one thing in common they perfect on what we already have.

Those who love speed and race with their pocket bikes will be interested in the different high performance packages listed below.

GP MX3 With Performance Package

The MX3 was designed to drive fast. It has been built with a remodeled frame structure that helps to ensure optimum road feel while racing on the track. The performance package helps to enhance that feel. It comes with the Motorsports exhaust pipe that helps the driver to reach higher top speeds that work together with the NGK high performance spark plug and super-flow air filter. The racing clutch springs from Redline allow the motor to reach a higher RPM for a superior acceleration. This allows the MX3 to outperform in many ways.

Cagllari With Performance Package

The Cagllari is lightweight and easy to drive and is one of the few pocket bikes that does not come with any frills. It was designed to be purely for racing. The performance package will only increase your chances of winning. The package comes with a K&N style high-flow air filter with matching velocity stack. This allows your pocket bike to pull in more air while the exhaust system from Redline reduces the back pressure. The NGK spark plug and racing clutch springs also help to provide the driver with more acceleration.

Blade With Performance Package

The Blade doesn’t really need a package because it starts off as a great pocket bike. Handling is the best feature that it offers. The performance package comes with the Redline Motorsport exhaust system – which helps to increase the performance and offers it a better look. Performance is added with the high-flow cone filter that you can not only hear but also feel. It also comes equipped with a NGK plug and a set of racing clutch springs that allow your bike to speed through a whole track with little to no problems.

Raptor With Performance Package

The Raptor is one of the highest quality super pocket bike in its class that you will find on the market today. The performance package only adds to its superiority. It comes with a tuned high output exhaust system and high discharge NGK plus that allows the driver to travel at high speeds. The cool dense air that enters the K&N low restricted style air filter is compressed through the velocity stack. The Redline Motorsports racing clutch springs are able to hold the engine’s revs to ensure maximum acceleration.

GP RS-R With Performance Package

The GP RS-R is a very unique pocket bike. It is very conventional and comes standard with a racing suspension system that is adjustable to allow any type of rider in any condition. The performance package brings it to the next level. The chrome exhaust system adds on to the top speed, giving it a sporty edge. The Redline Motorsports clutch springs and the clean-burning NGK spark plug provides ultimate acceleration while the high flow air filter is feeding the engine large amounts of cool air.