Those of you who are still not sure if pocket bikes are something that you really want should start off with a used pocket bike. They are obviously cheaper then the new models and help to give you a taste of what they are and what you can expect.

The only way you will ever really know what you want is to truly consider each choice and decide for yourself which would be better for you in the long run. Lucky for you we have compiled a small list of things to look at and compare when making this very tricky decision.

Negatives Of Buying Used Pocket Bikes

Obviously the one thing that is on the top of our list is price. Many of us are afraid to shell out a few hundred dollars for something that we may not even enjoy to the fullest. So when it comes to spending a low amount the used pocket bikes is the best way to go. However, it is important to remember that there are a few negatives and risks involved in this.

The biggest problem is that you do not have the same guarantees that you would find in a brand new pocket bike. If your used bike breaks down on you soon after you have purchased it you don’t have any way of getting a refund or exchanging it. You also will not be given a warranty that usually comes with each new bike and can last for a few years.

This is a big problem – but the biggest thing you have to worry about is customer satisfaction. If you are new to pocket bikes then this is a very risky venture for you. Most times you will not be given the opportunity to be able to inspect the bike thoroughly and you may be sold something that you didn’t want. People can sense that you don’t know what you are looking for and may sell you something that is unreliable and doesn’t run well.

Positives Of Buying Used Pocket Bikes

As we said earlier the best thing about buying a used pocket bike is that they are cheaper – but let us look at this more closely and understand why. Pocket bikes are like cars in the fact that the minute they are driven off the lot they start to depreciate in value.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that it the quality is depreciating – but the value is lower – which means it is not worth the amount that was paid for it. Because of this you have the ability to find some truly great bargains. Many used pocket bikes will sell for 50% or even 75% off the original value.

Another great thing about buying used pocket bikes is the fact that you have plenty of room to wheel and deal with the seller, especially when you have a specific price in your mind and you don’t want to go over it. Larger manufacturers won’t be able to lower their price – but if you try some of the smaller dealerships or individuals selling their own bike then you have a better chance at bargaining to the price you want. In the end you could end up purchasing a cheap pocket bike that runs well.