Having a brand new pocket bike can be exciting – but don’t let that new excitement get the best of you. You have to learn the proper technique for breaking in your new pocket bike. If you don’t then you will decrease the engine life by almost half – which means you’ll be shelling out a lot of money months before you should have to.

Heat Cycling

There are different options as to how one should break in their new pocket bike. We will provide you with the two more popular methods. The first method is called “heat cycling”. This means that you will run the engine barely above idle or at idle for 5 to 10 minutes. After the time is up the engine will be below the normal operating temperature.

Shut the engine off and let your bike have a cool down. When the engine has cooled turn it on again for an extra 10 minutes and then shut it off once more. You will need to do this a total of four times. After you have finished the last time run your bike at an easy pace for as far as a full tank of gas will take you. Don’t rev the engine or speed as this will put unnecessary stress on the engine. Once you have used up a full tank of gas your bike will be ready and you can use it at a normal speed.

Racing Break In

The second method to use is called “racing break in”. Between the two this one is used less often although many people feel that it is more fun. You will start off by warming up the engine for a total of 5 minutes by letting it idle. After 5 minutes slowly bring up the throttle to where the clutch engages. This will prevent you from being thrown off the bike if you apply too much throttle while riding.

Next you will be able to get onto the track. The first lap should be slow (below normal speed) to help break in the tires. During the second lap you will be able to put more pressure on the gas. Ride it like this for a total of 15 minutes. During this time you need to accelerate and decelerate by hitting a variety of RPM’s. Keep in mind that the engine needs to be warmed up enough.

You should not be riding the bike too hard – but at the same time don’t ride it too slowly. Make sure that the clutch does not completely engage or it will burn. You can determine when the clutch is fully engaged by feeling for it in your bike and hearing it in the engine.

What Oil To Use

Some people feel that when you are breaking in your new pocket bike you need to use a mixture of gas and oil. It is best to read the manual that it came with to see what they recommend. Many will tell you to use non-synthetic oil while breaking it in. Afterwards you can switch to semi-synthetic oil.