There are many different types of pocket bikes and often times these pocket bikes are separated into their respective groups.

You will find that many pocket bikes are separated into the X-series and the CC-series. We are going to talk about two of the most popular bikes in the CC-series of pocket bikes – the 47cc and the 49cc.

47cc Pocket Bike

The 47cc pocket bikes are very similar to the 49cc in terms of the engine that they are both equipped with and how much power they offer to the driver. They are so alike that it can often times be hard for many aficionados to determine which is which.

One difference is the amount of horsepower that they are able to produce. The 47cc produces 2 horsepower less then the 49cc – which really isn’t that big of a difference. The size of the piston is also very similar. The one problem with the 47cc bike is that it can be hard for owners to swap out parts for it. You will have to be very specific and precise on the parts that you choose for it.

49cc Pocket Bikes

The 49cc is the most popular in its engine class. What truly sets it apart is the size of its piston. What many people don’t know is that the size of the piston is the main difference between most of these bikes. A good example of this is to compare the 49cc with the 39cc.

When you place the two side by side it can be hard to determine which is which. But once you strip them down and take them apart you will be able to look at the piston and determine for yourself which is the lower engine class.